Alok Nath becomes a different person when drunk; his Dr Jekyll-Mr Hyde personality is known to many: Renuka Shahane

Alok Nath becomes a different person when drunk; his Dr Jekyll-Mr Hyde personality is known to many: Renuka Shahane

With veteran essayist maker Vinta Nanda blaming Alok Nath for assaulting her twice, Sandhya Mridul blaming him for lewd behavior, a female group individual from Hum Saath Hain imparting her nightmarish experience of attempting to him, Alok Nath’s screen little girl Renuka Shahane expresses gratitude toward her stars. “My God! I am so happy I wasn’t on any outside with him ever,” says Shahane.

“My experience working with Alok Nath has been great however I have heard that he has two countenances. Individuals say that he can’t generally deal with his beverages. When he is flushed, he turns into an entirely unexpected individual. His Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde identity is known to his partners. I heard numerous such episodes after I had got done with working with him in Hum Aapke Hain Koun and teleserial Imtihaan, in which he played my dad,” says the on-screen character.

“In Imtihaan, our dad girl bond was so solid and it was so great working with him, however then I began hearing stories that he annoys ladies when he is smashed. It was so stunning for me since I couldn’t assemble these two appearances. Deepika Deshpande (film and TV performing artist) had specified about this to me when we were completing 9 Malabar Hill together at some point in the late ’90s. Couple of other youthful on-screen characters, 17 or 18-year-olds, hosted specified that ki gathering mein badi badtamazee karte hain (he acts mischievously with them in gatherings) and one needs to avoid him. That he gets into mischief does not come as an amazement to me now but rather the degree to which he went (alluding to Nanda’s case) is extremely stunning. What Vinta has experienced is awful. There are numerous other people who more likely than not been pestered yet they are not moving into the open,” says Shahane.

“However, indeed, there are a few people who are coarse even on the sets and they might be incredible performers. How about we put it unmistakably. Because you have played a holy person, have been principled on screen, doesn’t mean you are principled, in actuality. You are simply acting the part. We are taken in by that picture. Be that as it may, I need the men additionally to talk up. Indeed, even the best-intentioned men?¦ Why wouldn’t they be able to turn out and say, Yes, this occurred’. The minimum one can do is tune in to the opposite side,” she includes.

Amita Nangia, who played the character Sheena in tele-serial Tara (composed by Nanda), bolsters Nanda wholeheartedly. “I was stunned. I was aware of Alok’s drinking issue yet I didn’t know about (claimed) assault occurrence. In spite of the fact that I completely trust Vinta, I ask why she stayed silent for every one of these years. She was so intense around then. She could have uncovered him yet I will dependably bolster her. It’s overcome of her to turn out this way,” said Nangia.

Dropping the hammer on Nath, Nangia said that he regularly depended on oppressive and raucous conduct on sets. “Alokji used to drink a considerable measure, and a great deal of times, he would simply leave hand. Now and again, he would begin savoring the morning. We had all observed him getting out of hand with Navneet Nishan (who assumed the title job in Tara). Couple of times, he even got injurious with me and henceforth, I was terrified to go anyplace close him. We could see an identity change as a part of his identity, he would simply go frantic in the wake of drinking,” she said

Nangia additionally said that she has seen the senior performer losing control at a few private shows too. “It occurred in Dubai where it was generally announced, and after that in another show in Daman and Diu. When flushed, he would get extremely modest and misuse individuals around. He has this picture of a sanskari fellow so in those days, it was hard for individuals to see this side of his identity,” she said

Alok Nath becomes a different person when drunk; his Dr Jekyll-Mr Hyde personality is known to many: Renuka Shahane

Reviewing another episode in Dubai, where Nath got injurious with a carrier team, Nangia stated, “He was smashed and got into a quarrel with the group and he even slapped a pilot, to such an extent that he was off-stacked from the flight. Navneet, Neha Sharad, Raja Bundela, Vinta Nanda, Alok Nath’s significant other were all on a similar flight.”

Nangia likewise said that Vinta and Raman Kumar (chief, Tara) would attempt to control his “famous” conduct, yet the majority of his associates became accustomed to it. “Vinta was cordial with his better half, so she would attempt to get him control. He was regarded as an on-screen character yet in the wake of drinking, he was an alternate identity. He was frightful,” said Nangia. Raman Kumar (who is at present shooting in the insides), when reached, stated, “These occurrences (with Nanda) happened post Tara. She was working with Plus Channel at that point. On the arrangements of Tara, it was the Navneet Nishan episode that happened, and from there on, Alok Nath was tossed out.”

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