These Stars Really Do Not Like Melania Trump

These Stars Really Do Not Like Melania Trump

Innumerable big names have taken a stand in opposition to President Donald Trump, however more are making their assessments on the primary woman known too. These are the stars who truly don’t care for Melania Trump, and they couldn’t care less who knows it.

These Stars Really Do Not Like Melania Trump

1. Woman Gaga

Back amid the 2016 decision, Lady Gaga took a stand in opposition to Melania. The future first woman had been vocalizing her aim to battle back against harassing — Gaga rushed to call attention to the hypocrisy.”@MELANIATRUMP to state u will remain for ‘hostile to tormenting’ is bad faith. Your better half is 1 of the most famous harassers we have ever seen,” tweeted a furious Gaga. She made a point to encourage her devotees to vote in favor of Hillary.

2. Satisfaction Behar

It’s nothing unexpected that The View co-have, Joy Behar, is resolvedly against Trump and his governmental issues, however Behar isn’t an aficionado of Melania’s, either. When she was a visitor on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Meyers got some information about her musings on Melania, regardless of whether she feels frustrated about her or whether we ought to judge her as we do any other individual with free will.”I feel frustrated about her,” she answered. “She needed to lay down with him once. At any rate once she did. And after that when she was in New York and we needed to pay a million dollars daily to keep her here on the grounds that she wouldn’t like to lay down with him [at the White House], we need to pay for that. I didn’t that way.”

3. Nicki Minaj

At the point when Minaj performed at the Barclays Center Tidal X: 1015, she shared her considerations about the present president and his wife.She said,”Barack required Michelle, b—h … And Bill required a mother[bleeping] Hillary, b—h. You better implore God you don’t stall out with a mother[bleeping] Melania. You need brainless b—hes to stroke your mother[bleeping] inner self? [Bleep] you!”

These Stars Really Do Not Like Melania Trump

4. Dan Savage

Dan Savage shared his contemplations on the main woman on his podcast, Savage Love. He denounced those on the left who feel thoughtful towards Melania of just doing as such simply because of her looks.”I’m not the only one in despising Donald Trump’s third spouse — she’s wedded to a sexist all things considered. Chances are great her significant other abhors her as well,” he said. “Be that as it may, there are a few people on the left who not exclusively don’t loathe her, they see her as some kind of thoughtful figure. The lovely princess in the pinnacle bolted up by the orange beast with the terrible bald spot, a princess urgently flickering out trouble signals amid swearing-in functions and inaugural balls.”

5. Kathy Griffin

A while ago when Griffin lost her activity and her up and coming stand-up visit dates because of a photograph of herself holding what was insinuated be the president’s head, Melania made a few comments scrutinizing Griffin’s psychological health.Griffin’s reaction: “I believe there’s many individuals in this organization that appear to be, similar to, super nuts, and I believe it’s odd that you all or anyone’s acting like they’re most certainly not.”

6. Chelsea Handler

Another straightforward adversary of the principal family is Chelsea Handler. She’s said that she won’t meet the primary woman on her show since “she can scarcely communicate in English,” she told Variety at the Sundance Film Festival.”I don’t regard both of those individuals,” she included.

These Stars Really Do Not Like Melania Trump

7. Helen Mirren figures Melania can bring Trump down

Mirren has never been hesitant to talk her brain. In a meeting with Allure, the performing artist shared her considerations on the primary family, including her musings on what Melania is skilled of.”You take a gander at old Mel there, and she is a standout amongst the most effective ladies on the planet since she could bring him down. She nearly did that with the hand,” she stated, alluding to when Melania swatted Trump’s hand away as he endeavored to clasp hands.


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