Mineral Makeup Tips

Mineral Makeup Tips

Many of our purchasers admit they’re very undecided what to suppose once it involves mineral makeup! They’ve sussed out however typical formulas work on their skin, and may need detected that mineral makeup is best for skin health and protection… however they’re undecided why.
I Sat down with Merna Khoury, a You By Sia Skin expert at the Castle Hill clinic, to urge her thoughts on the foremost common queries she gets on mineral makeup – and her answers!
Mineral Makeup Tips
Why choose for Mineral Makeup rather than typical Makeup?

The list is endless! Mineral makeup consists strictly of natural minerals and pigments, creating it a very natural various that’s freed from ingredients that hurt or clog the skin.
Mineral makeup is ideal for shiny and acne-prone skin, and is non-comedogenic – that means it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts.
Mineral makeup foundations and powders are ‘physical sunscreens’, that is useful to any or all skin sorts. this is often very true for acne-prone skin, as a result of it uses physical barriers like metallic element to replicate the sun’s ultraviolet illumination rays. to search out out additional on the distinction between physical and chemical sunscreens click here.

Natural ingredients like mineral additionally build mineral makeup a good choice for sensitive and simply irritated skin sorts, recognized jointly of few ingredients which offer color and hiding in an exceedingly natural type, it’s even safe to use now once skin treatments like skin needling and within out peels.
However, not all mineral makeup is formed equally. to confirm you’re shopping for and employing a high-quality product, explore for mineral makeup formulas that incorporate mineral, metallic element or titanium oxide, and avoid the utilization of ‘fillers’. These take the shape of fragrances, colours, binders, preservatives and different chemicals.
Is Applying Mineral Makeup totally different From Applying typical Makeup?
It all depends on however you’re applying your current make-up. Mineral makeup is totally different to ancient makeup therein it tends to come back in powder type, rather than a liquid or cream (all except for lipstick, of course!). I typically advise my purchasers that once applying mineral makeup, a little quantity goes an extended way!
Here ar some straightforward tips for applying mineral makeup:
Serum & SPF
Mineral Foundation, Concealer & Blush
Kabuki Brush x a pair of
Lipstick & Lip Brush

Skin Prep: Your makeup solely appearance pretty much as good because the skin at a lower place it, so a clean, blank canvas is essential! school assignment your clean skin with a humor suited to your skin sort, followed by a mineral SPF to stay your skin protected. Once each layers have absorbed into the skin, you’ll begin applying your mineral makeup…
Cover up & Blush: exploitation your initial kabuki brush, twirl it around the foundation dome and make sure the brush is coated in product. Next, faucet off any excess powder from the comb to confirm consistent coverage. mix equally everywhere the face – ranging from the center and so outward, towards the jawline and forehead.

For any imperfections, use identical twirl and faucet technique together with your concealer powder instead, specifically targeting the areas which require additional cowl..

Once your makeup is systematically amalgamated everywhere your skin, take your second kabuki brush and apply a lightweight tint of blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Lipstick: to feature a pop of color to your look and a touch of wetness to your lips, apply a hydrating mineral lipstick to complete. this will be formed by employing a lip brush.

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