The voters of our country have gotten divided over again in name only of blind religion. individuals have gotten lacerate, the property has been destroyed once a Godman has been guilty of rape. we tend to area unit talking regarding the abundant polemical Godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh who has been guilty of rape charges that were created a decade back. Not solely rape, however, he has allegations for grievous crime of murder and conspiracy too.With all the mysteries obtaining unpleated, the case is obtaining additional polemical currently.Honeypreet is adopted daughter of Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. She became his ‘favorite’ female offspring and commenced obtaining special treatment. She started taking vital Dera choices and later even learned film direction and acting. She additionally directed flavourer The Lion Heart.

Honeypreet Missing Mystery


Gurmeet Ram Rahim had claimed that Honeypreet had broken Jackie Chan’s record by enjoying twenty one completely different roles in another Baba film MSG: Hind ka Napak KO Jawab.The special CBI court of Panchkula had pronounced Ram Rahim guilty of raping 2 sadhvis at his Dera.Ram Rahim was taken to Rohtak jail an equivalent evening whereas Panchkula and a few different places witnessed wide-scale violence by Dera followers leading to the death of thirty-eight individuals. Honeypreet attended Ram Rahim until the guest house wherever Ram Rahim was at first lodged in Rohtak.Honeypreet has additionally been suspecting of infringement for inciting violence in Haryana throughout the trial of Ram Rahim Singh, that resulted in the deaths of around thirty-eight individuals and lacerates a whole lot.Honeypreet has since remained untraceable. Haryana police groups reached as so much as Asian nation border in search of Honeypreet however while not a success.Now, this letter has surfaced on social media. However, it’s nonetheless to be determined that the letter was truly written by Honeypreet. Police sources have delineated the letter as “fake”. Curiously, the author of the letter mentions the name and address of the person with whom Honeypreet free. Why would Honeypreet illuminate of her escape set up in a very letter?Haryana police have additionally claimed that Honeypreet had premeditated Ram Rahim’s escape within the event of his conviction. But, AN alert police team frustrated the try and in remission a minimum of six security personnel during this association. That set up was unbroken secret by Honeypreet.Honeypreet has over 1,000,000 followers on Twitter, over five large integers on her Facebook page and shut to a pair of a large integer on Instagram. She includes a web site in her name that describes her as giver, editor, actor, and director.
After the Ram Rahim’s escape plot was discovered, Honeypreet was engaged below IPC section bearing on infringement. Police have issued a lookout notice against Honeypreet.Haryana police suspect that Honeypreet might attempt to bunk the country and obtain refuge abroad. The Dera Sacha Sauda includes a sizeable following among non-resident Indians from Haryana and geographic area. Honeypreet is alleged to be connected with the overseas followers of the Dera.The letter, if authentic, is also another indication that Honeypreet had her escape set up prepared abundant before the conviction of Ram Rahim by the CBI court. The letter says, “I, Honeypreet Insan, D/o of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insan is going, unharmed, with constable Vikas, variety 3/783 of Fatehabad.”The letter has Honey Preet’s signature in conjunction with names, addresses, and signatures of 3 different persons as witnesses, WHO confirmed within the letter that the girl going with the constable is that the female offspring of Gurmeet Ram Rahim of Dera Sacha Sauda. The signatories of the letter additionally proclaim that it’s their responsibility to bring Honeypreet home, unharmed.The letter has gone micro organism on social media. Bharat these days doesn’t vouch for the believability of the letter.
Honeypreet isn’t the biological female offspring of Gurmeet Ram Rahim. She was introduced to Ram Rahim through her husband and his family.Honeypreet was born as Priyanka Taneja in Fatehabad district of Haryana. Priyanka Taneja became Honeypreet Insan once she married Vishwas Gupta, the grandchild of former Gharaunda MLA Rulia Ram Gupta.Vishwas Gupta was a friend of Dera Sacha Sauda and Gurmeet Ram Rahim. His gramps Rulia Ram Gupta was a Dera follower since the times of sovereign Satnam Singh, who nominative Ram Rahim because of the Dera chief.Priyanka married Vishwas Gupta in 1999 at Dera in presence of Ram Rahim, who gave her the new name. Honeypreet additionally became a friend of Dera Sacha Sauda and Ram Rahim. 10 years later, Honeypreet came to Ram Rahim complaintive that the Gupta family was harassing her for a dowry.Ostensibly to provide her protection, Ram Rahim adopted Honeypreet as his third female offspring. Since then, Honeypreet has followed Ram Rahim as shadow and has been his most trusty intimate.
Meanwhile, Vishwas Gupta captive the geographic area and Haryana state supreme court seeking custody of Honeypreet Insan from Ram Rahim failing that he wanted to divorce his spouse. In his petition, Vishwas Gupta alleged that Ram Rahim had illicit relation together with his spouse.

Honeypreet Missing Mystery
Reports counsel that Vishwas Gupta additionally claimed that Ram Rahim sexually exploited his spouse Honeypreet. However, once it slow, Vishwas Gupta in agreement for out of court settlement and later apologized at Dera spoken language that he committed a blunder by questioning Ram Rahim’s relation with Honeypreet. Now, Vishwas Gupta is alleged to be running a region of Dera business.
Sometimes once tendering apology and retreating the court case against Ram Rahim over alleged illicit relation with Honeypreet, Vishwas Gupta separated from his spouse. Honeypreet then captive to measure in Dera with Ram Rahim.
Honeypreet is incredibly vocal regarding her association with Ram Rahim claiming that she is “equally talented” as her father. On social media, Honeypreet calls herself as dada’s Angel whereas addresses Ram Rahim as Guru Pa and Papa Angel. Honeypreet makes it some extent to investigate each social media post of Ram Rahim.In one among her tweets on Gregorian calendar month seven this year, Honeypreet wrote, “You area unit lovelier than the red rose and that I intensely love your all designs and poses. want you a contented rose day.”Honeypreet has been related to all the films of Ram Rahim. Honeypreet directed flavourer series of films with Ram Rahim and compete for the character of his female offspring in MSG-2. Honeypreet additionally directed the person Lion Heart, Hind Hindu deity Napak KO Jawab and Jattu Engineer. of these films were declared tax free in Haryana.Gurmeet Ram Rahim is extraordinarily keen on Honeypreet, WHO is his nearest intimate. Her word within the Dera is seen as that of Gurmeet Ram Rahim himself. it had been no surprise for those that knew them once Ram Rahim petitioned the Panchkula court seeking permission to let Honeypreet stick with her in jail and additionally once he vulnerable the jail officers to own them suspended if they failed to enable her to be with him in the dark within the barrack once he was shifted to his cell following his conviction on Frida
Vishwas Gupta, the alienated husband of Honeypreet, unconcealed the complete episode that semiconductor diode to his separation from his spouse and he puts the blame squarely on Ram Rahim.”I was staying at the goofa, personal space of Baba foreign terrorist organization. My spouse was with him. He had unknowingly left the door open. They were nude and were having sex. They were aghast once they saw Maine. the Baba had vulnerable Maine with dire consequences. He had vulnerable Maine to not reveal something and had aforementioned that I’ll be killed,” Gupta aforementioned.He aforementioned that he in conjunction with his folks were compelled to depart the Dera and later started living in Panchkula. the choice was taken in sight of the threat.

Honeypreet Missing Mystery

The family had been a Dera follower for forty years.Vishwas aforementioned that Babe Ram Rahim needed to come back near Honeypreet. He had allegedly adopted her on the primary day of the wedding. Vishwas and Honeypreet attended Baba Ram Rahim where he would go, however, Baba failed to let her have a go at it Vishwas. Baba and Honeypreet would sleep along in a single space.Vishwas got married to Honeypreet, alias Priyanka, a resident of Fatehabad on Saint Valentine’s Day, 1999. Baba had given her a replacement name as Honeypreet.”Baba had thrown a giant party in goofa in 1999 and had declared that he was adopting my spouse and that I am going to be his relative-in-law. she is going to be his middle female offspring,” Vishwas aforementioned.
Alert has been issued by the Haryana police in the slightest degree the airports and different exit points for Honeypreet Insan. in line with reports, a ‘look out notice’ has been issued against Priyanka Taneja aka Honeypreet, the adopted female offspring of guilty felon Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh on the costs of hatching a conspiracy to assist the Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh bunk from the police custody.A similar notice has additionally been issued against Aditya Insan, advocator, Dera Sacha Sauda. Like Honeypreet, Aditya Insan is additionally on the run since August twenty-six once being charged with inciting violence once Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s conviction in Panchkula.

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