Secret Diary of HoneyPreet Insan Dera Sacha sauda latest news

Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s assistant, Honeypreet 38 days after the fact came before the media and she was arrested.On the other hand, when Honeypreet’s photos came before the media, his face was totally changed.Honeypreet’s full shading change was taken note. As a matter of fact, Honeypreet’s charm confront has been in the eye of everybody, so observing these photos, you may figure that Honeypreet has experienced these 38 days in which time.On Tuesday, when he came to give a meeting to a Hindi news channel, the eyes were brimming with tears and wearing regular clothes, Honeypreet looked clean to support him. The weight all over was an unmistakable impression that he could swell clean according to the law, however, couldn’t escape from it.After the failure of the Delhi High Court, Honeypreet had concluded that he would approach the Punjab-Haryana High Court. Honeypreet said this amid the meeting moreover.

Secret Diary of HoneyPreet Insan Dera Sacha sauda latest news

Honeypreet secret diary. Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been condemned to 20 years imprison in sadhvi assault case. Since that day Honeypreet couldn’t situate by Haryana Police. She was most recently seen with Gurmeet Ram Rahim when he was sent to imprison. After that police issued post see against her. Honeypreet Insan, embraced little girl of Gurmeet Ram Rahim, might be out of the grasp of the Haryana Police, however one TV channel has gotten an old journal which had a place with her. As indicated by the channel, this journal is 19-year-old and has a place with Honeypreet, which she composed a year prior to her marriage in 1998. This journal of Honeypreet is 19 years of age. In this journal of page 103, Honeypreet has composed the Shero-Shayari. This shows how much agony and love was felt in his heart.

– Honeypreet has composed this journal in both Hindi and English, which she had kept till now.

– When this journal opens in Honeypreet, a considerable lot of his rajas turn out. Which he had not told anybody yet.

– This individual journal of Honeypreet has additionally composed film tunes and Dialogs in the center.

Secret Diary of HoneyPreet Insan Dera Sacha sauda latest news

India’s guide shows up on the primary page of the Honeypreet mystery journal. When you open the second page of the journal, you will see that Priyanka Taneja nom de plume Honeypreet who calls herself Anu. While the third page of Honeypreet’s journal has a photograph of performer Kajol which demonstrates that she is a Kajol fan.

The fourth page of the journal has a photograph of Bollywood star Salman Khan. It is a photo from Salman’s film ‘Punch Pyaar Kisise Se Hota Hai’. Aside from this, her journal additionally has the photos of Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. By observing her journal, you can state that Honeypreet was a colossal aficionado of movies. That is the reason she likewise worked in Baba’s movies.

Honeypreet has additionally given the full type of her moniker ANU in her journal. An alluring, N-mischievous, U-Unfortunately Girl. In this journal, Honeypreet’s significant other, Vishwas Gupta, has composed the names of her more youthful sister Nishu Taneja and more youthful sibling Sahil Taneja.

Secret Diary of HoneyPreet Insan Dera Sacha sauda latest news

Aside from this, numerous sonnets are composed in Hindi and English too. Honeypreet has composed ‘Shayari’ in the most piece of her journal. The most uncommon thing is that she has additionally composed a melody for Gurmeet Ram Rahim. One might say that Ram Rahim had effectively made a unique place in her heart.

Honeypreet, the charged little girl of Ram Rahim of Dera Sacha Sauda, has documented an expectant safeguard supplication in the Delhi High Court.The expectant safeguard appeal to has been recorded for the sake of Honeypreet false name Priyanka Taneja. The court can hear the request of on Tuesday.Honeypreet has requested a three-week travel propel safeguard in this appeal to documented by Advocate Pradeep Rai. He says that he ought to be allowed expectant safeguard so he could document a request of for safeguard before the Haryana and Punjab High Court.Honeypreet is slipping away since August 25. The news was that Honeypreet has fled abroad.

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