Yoga for Eyes
Yoga for eyes
1. Eye Rotations – Up and Down:
Constant movement of the eyes helps in thwarting off eye disorders. Take an event from in spite of you are doing right at this moment and take a look at this easy exercise. Regular follow of rotations improves vision
1 Sit on the bottom with legs stretched.
2 presently keep your body straight, head and spine erect.
3 shut your right fist and allow it to rest on your right knee with the thumb facing the ceiling.
4 Keep your gaze mounted on Associate in Nursing object placed sooner than you, head unbroken still in this position.
5 puffing deeply, gaze upwards towards the ceiling. certify that only the eyeballs unit of measurement moving whereas the highest remains unmoved. puffy deeply, bring your gaze back to the article.
6 Now, take a deep inhalation and gaze down towards the bottom. certify that only the eyeballs unit of measurement moving whereas the highest remains unmoved. With a deep exhalation, bring your gaze back to the article.
7 Now, repeat identical procedure along side your left thumb.
This exercise needs one repetition. shut your eyes and relax for fifteen seconds before continuance the exercise. Repeat for 10 times.

2. Palming – Warming Up Your Eyes for higher Circulation:
This is a quick and straightforward because of relax your eyes. And, the good issue is that you simply} just can couple, in spite of the time and place. you’re doing not wish any special instrumentality jointly.
1 Sit wherever you are, but ensure you are in an exceedingly} very comfortable position.
2 Rub every your palms as neatly as you will until you’re feeling the heat divergent  from them.
3 Place your palms over your eyes and feel the warmth spreading.
This simple exercise improves the blood circulation and should be done quite often to urge eliminate state and lump of the eyes.

3 Trataka – Meditation:
This is a sort of meditation that helps with vision additionally. Trataka, in Indo-Aryan refers to gazing Associate in Nursing object incessantly for a collection quantity of some time. One possesses to sit down in an exceedingly} very comfortable position whereas active this eye exercise. Keep the realm dimly lit therefore you will be able to concentrate higher.
1 Sit in an exceedingly} very comfortable position, Padmasana, Vajrasana, or Sukhasana, on your yoga mat. people who unit of measurement stricken by back pain can support themselves by leaning against a wall as this exercise is slightly time overwhelming.
2 Place Associate in Nursing object, ideally a candle, at concerning two feet removed from where you are seated  .
3 metabolic process normally, watch the article whereas not blinking as long as you will. you will at the beginning count up to fifty. Increase the gazing length slowly to reap extra blessings.
Along with a way higher vision, this exercise of Ramdev cake yoga for eyes jointly helps to lower the power with people who have high myopic powers.

4  Bhastrika Pranayam:
This is notable jointly as a result of the bellows breath. beside providing a refreshing physical and mental experience, this metabolic process technique enhances blood circulation to the highest, so rising the vision and hearing.
1 Sit in Padmasana or Sukhasana on the yoga mat, spine erect.
2 Concentrating on the Manipura Chakra, fold your hand in Pranayama gesture.
3 practice the thumb, shut your right naris.
4 Inhale and exhale forcefully and quickly, concerning twenty times, through your left naris. the target is to maneuver the abdominal walls like bellows.
5 Inhale and exhale deeply the last time with left naris (20th breath).
6 Now, shut the left naris and repeat identical methodology with the correct naris.
7 This makes one spherical of Bhastrika.
8 Relax yourself for concerning thirty seconds before continuance the tactic. Repeat the exercise for concerning 10 minutes.

5  Kapalbhati Pranayama:
Cleanse your lungs and improve your circulation for a way higher vision with this bone shining metabolic process exercise. this could be a extremely powerful exercise that ensures you a praise tummy, higher vision, lustrous hair, and much extra. The inhalation is type of quantity whereas exhalations unit of measurement powerful and in quick succession.
1 Sit in an exceedingly} very comfortable position. it should preferably be Padamasana, Sukhasana, or Vajrasana. you will allow yourself to be supported by a wall, if you’ve got returned pain, as this metabolic process exercise may be a strong one and beginners could understand themselves subjected to back ache.
2 shut your eyes and keep your hands in yoga gesture.
3 specializing in your lower abdomen, build fast|a fast} inhalation followed by powerful and fast exhalations, [about eight to 10 per inhale-exhale cycle for one to two seconds], to begin out with. A beginner can keep her hand on the belly as she may understand it robust to concentrate throughout the initial repetitions.
4 Increase the number of cycles slowly. With regular follow, you will reach upto 100 count.

6  Anuloma – Viloma Pranayama:
This is the simplest of the pranayamas and is in addition remarked because the alternate naris metabolic process exercise.

1 Sitting in Padmasana or Sukhasana, stretch out your hands, resting the palms on your knees in yoga gesture.
2 elevate your hand in Pranayama gesture.
3 practice the thumb, shut the correct naris.
4 Take a deep inhalation with the left naris.
5 Closing the left naris, allow exhalation through the correct naris.
6 Now, inhale through the correct naris and allow exhalation via left naris.
7 This completes one spherical of Anuloma – Viloma Pranayama.
8 Repeat for 10 to fifteen times to begin out with, increasing to fifty to seventy 5 times, gradually.

Content Credit :- Bikram Yoga Poses

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